Volunteers at CSU are being paid to inhale smoke from cooking stoves! I've had worse jobs. Faculty, staff, and students from the Departments of Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences and Mechanical Engineering at Colorado State are conducting the STOVES Study (Subclinical Tests on Volunteers Exposed to Smoke)  to find out if improved stove technology can improve your health.

The STOVES Study started in August and will go through December of 2017 at CSU’s Powerhouse Energy Campus on  North College in Fort Collins.

What Are Volunteers Being Asked to Do?

On study days, participants will be asked to breathe different amounts of cookstove smoke for two hours. At various times throughout the day and the following morning, study staff will perform health measurements such as monitoring heart rate and rhythm, blood pressure, blood vessel health, and collect small blood samples

How Much Are Volunteers Being Paid?

Volunteers will receive $200 for each study period they complete. Each study period will be over two consecutive days. The first day is around ten hours. The 2nd day is just a short visit. The  An additional $300 bonus will be given to participants that successfully complete all six study periods, for a total of $1,500. Volunteers will be involved with the study for a minimum of 12 weeks.

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