Colorado has been consistently ranked as one of the best states for singles. In particular, Denver, as being one of the best cities in the nation. It appears that Colorado as a whole ranks dead last in some romantic avenues.


According to a recent study by NapLab on the frequency of sex by state, Colorado has the worst score out of all 50 states. The survey averages out the frequency of doing the deed per week by state and Colorado's average is less than half an occurrence per week.

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The average amount of sex per week in Colorado is 0.420 and we are wondering why. Could it be because of all the great thinking in the state of Colorado? Maybe a lot of us are spending that valuable quality time in constantly ongoing construction traffic all over the state of Colorado. Who knows?

States that have sex the most

While Colorado is at the bottom of the hanky panky list, other states are having nearly seven times the sex that Coloradans are having on a weekly basis. Alaska came in first place with an average of 2.806 times per week.


Our stately neighbors to the south in New Mexico average nearly five times the weekly interactions that Coloradans do. Wyoming also has a weekly rate of 200 percent higher than Colorado. I can understand why the high rate in Alaska could be due to the bitter cold and lack of activities in the winter months. I am just having a hard time understanding how Wyoming and New Mexico ranked so high on the list.

Could the results be flawed?

Maybe. Based on NapLab's methodology, the survey was only conducted with 1,567 entries nationwide. The average for each state is also based on the responses of at least 25 participants. Overall, the national average on how often people have sex was approximately one time per week.

Source: NapLab

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