It is that time of year in Colorado when you get in your car and you do not want to touch your steering wheel. The high temperatures mean that car air conditioners are on full blast.

My method for dealing with a car that is as hot as a sauna is turning the air conditioning and rolling down the windows for the first mile or so.

We all have our own methods regardless of if it works or not. There is one button in nearly every vehicle in Colorado that many of us do not know its purpose.

Coloradans Should Use This During the Summer

The recirculate button is a game changer. I am surprised how many of my friends and family do not know what the recirculate buttons purpose is.

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When you use your car without this setting the air cooling you down is coming from outside of your vehicle.

When you turn on the recirculate option, which appears as a car with an arrow, your vehicle will take air that is already inside of the vehicle and recycle it.

If your car has cool air inside it will simply recirculate it.

Note About This Setting in Colorado


If you have leftover coffee containers and McDonald's wrappers that are stinking up your car it might be best to air your car out before you go ahead and use this setting.

Speaking from experience here.

Unless you want your car to keep smelling nasty.

Experts say that this is the most efficient way to cool down your car during the hot Colorado summer months and will save you money on gas.

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