The state of Michigan is starting an education campaign that may cut down on annoyance and road rage in big ways.

According to channel 17 in West Michigan, they are going to focus on re-educating left lane drivers. When they see someone driving slowly in the left lane, the passing lane, they will pull them over, and talk to them about the consequences of cruising (slowly) in the passing lane.

In Colorado, we need this so badly!

Have you ever noticed, on your cruise up the hill by the Berthoud exit, how the whole left lane is clogged up and passing actually happens on the right? This isn't the only place it happens. In fact, until the highway turns to three lanes near Longmont, you can experience this frustrating phenomenon over and over again.

Most of it comes from absent mindedness. People don't pay attention and they just stay in the left lane. This is one aspect of driving that I will admit, really gets my goat.

Look, I don't care how fast you go, and if we are in a one lane and you want to go slower than me and you got their first, fine. I'll drive like a turtle behind you without complaint. But when you are in the left lane, and I can't get by because you won't merge back into the lane where you are, by law, supposed to be driving, that's when I get heated.

I have been known to blink bright lights at people, and possibly drive a little too close to them to remind them that they are in the passing lane and holding up all of creation because they are too distracted to focus on the very simple task of merging into the cruising lane.

Michigan's officers are going to be educating people on the laws of driving in different lanes, and hopefully alleviating some of the traffic issues that come from people who may know how to steer and push the gas and brake, but don't really know how to drive.

Please, please, please! Bring this to Colorado. We need it sooooo bad!

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