And the 'Most Creative Colorado Costume of the Year' goes to... these people. Coming up with an original Halloween costume is a tricky task, and more than one group of people had the incredibly clever, wholesome idea to dress up as one of the scariest things in Colorado: Interstate 70. 

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It's been a rough year for poor I-70. Known for its terrible traffic woes though the Colorado mountains, especially on the weekends, this year, it was also covered in mud. Like, a lot of mud. And don't worry, that mess was totally included in one of the I-70 costumes.

Shared by the Instagram account @i70things, which points out all the weird things people see while on the interstate, three different groups of friends (and one guy who was solo) put together completely different I-70 costumes. But, they were all equally hilarious.

'I made everyone unreasonably late to assume character,' said Josh, pictured above.

In the first group shot below, one person poses as a Frank Azar 'The Strong Arm' billboard (I am dead), while standing over another person dressed as a road. In the second, a group of skiers and riders made a 'traffic jam,' and the last...

The last one is the grand finale.

Look, I-70 has never really had a great reputation, but we certainly appreciate it more now that it has reopened. In the summer of 2021, I-70 closed a number of times at Glenwood Canyon, due to burn scars from the 2020 wildfires causing extreme mudslides. While the July mudslides left some motorists stranded, fortunately there were no reported injuries. However, the hours-long detour route was a major pain in the neck.

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