Almost every travel site known to man regards the Mt. Evans Scenic Byway to be among Colorado's most beautiful drives. There are those, however, who disagree.

While the drive boasts impressive reviews from sites like Tripadvisor,, and even Google, there's always that one person who couldn't find it within themselves to say something positive. Check out these hilarious one and two-star reviews.

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Mt. Evans Highway Closed For the Season

The Colorado Department of Transportation announced the top of Mount Evans Highway is now closed due to winter conditions. According to Denver 7, the byway is expected to reopen on May 31, 2023. Wasn't it a record 102 degrees in Grand Junction, Colorado just yesterday?

In the meantime, you can still drive nine miles of the scenic road to Summit Lake. The remaining five miles between Summit Lake and the summit of the mountain are closed.

Not For The Faint of Heart

Many of the unflattering reviews revolve around the drive's altitude and winding roads. Keep in mind, The Mount Evans Scenic Byway climbs more than 7,000 feet in just 28 miles. Ultimately, you find yourself at an altitude of 14,264 feet.

In addition to those facts, Mt. Evans is Colorado's 14th tallest 14er and holds the honor of being the highest paved road in North America.

Given those facts, one would assume visitors would have at least some grasp regarding the steep drive, high altitudes, and challenging roads. Sadly, it seems that may not be the case.

The Absurdity of Some Reviews

Check out the gallery below, and you'll notice two of the reviews were posted by people who haven't even been to the Mt. Evans Scenic Byway. The fact they didn't get to go is the very motive behind the lackluster review.

Some gave poor reviews due to the fact the road was closed due to COVID-19. Others complained about being denied access to the road because of nearby wildfires.

Reviews such as these are part of the reason behind these posts. To date, I've published posts with nasty reviews of attractions including:

  • The Colorado River
  • Pikes Peak
  • The Gunnison River
  • Eisenhower Tunnel
  • Colorado I-70
  • Western Colorado's Grand Mesa

Sadly, silly one and two-star reviews skew the overall ratings of these attractions. Fortunately, most reviews are extremely positive, with most attractions receiving overall reviews nearing five stars.

Ridiculous 1 & 2 Star Reviews of Colorado's Mt. Evans Scenic Byway

The top of Mount Evans Highway has closed for the season due to winter conditions. The Colorado Department of Transportation expects it to reopen on May 31, 2023.

As you are probably aware, this stretch of road is challenging to say the least. Some have failed to complete the drive. With that, we proudly offer these ridiculous one and two star reviews of Colorado's Mt. Evans.

Nasty 1-Star Reviews of Colorado's 'Garden of the Gods'

Garden of the Gods is one of Colorado's most beloved attractions. Looking at Google Reviews you'll notice visitors have awarded it an amazing 4.8 out of 5 stars. A handful of visitors, though, did not have a positive experience. One tourist was dissatisfied with the hot cocoa. Another felt the place had far too many rocks. Check out these nasty 1-star Google Reviews of Colorado's Garden of the Gods.

Nasty 1-Star Reviews of Colorado's Clothing-Optional Hot Springs

Have you ever visited a clothing-optional hot springs in Colorado? Judging by the web traffic, they're incredibly popular. A large percentage of the population loves them and looks forward to any chance to visit. On the other hand, there are those who've had bad experiences, and have little if anything good to say.

Here's a number of nasty 1-star reviews of various clothing-optional hot springs located in Colorado. These reviews are pulled from sites such as Tripadvisor and Google. The reviews are copied in their original form, typos and all. The one exception would be the elimination of the facilities name. The proper names of the individual hot springs have been removed.

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