Sometimes one person's trash can be someone else's treasure, which is often the case when shopping at local thrift stores. You can find some real gems at these types of places, like cool vintage records or barely-used household appliances, and it's actually pretty fun to give these items a second life.

A Colorado man named Jacob Hansen recently had a unique experience while shopping at a local Goodwill, when he stumbled across a framed piece of art that he immediately recognized as something strangely familiar.

That's because Hansen had actually drawn the picture himself during his freshman year of high school, nearly 21 years prior.

Hansen explained to 9News that he was 14-years-old when he created the painting white attending Golden High School. His art teacher had submitted the piece into the Jefferson Art Show, and after that, Hansen said he sold it for approximately $150.

The artist recognized things he had incorporated into the piece, like flower colors and Hansen's signature at the bottom of the painting was just another validation that it was the same one he had made years ago.

Hansen and his wife ended up purchasing his former painting from Goodwill for $20, along with a casserole dish that they had originally set out on the shopping trip for. The couple hopes to sell the painting yet again, but this time they want the proceeds to go towards Breast Cancer research.

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