Your credit score can dictate nearly every aspect of your life in Colorado. Your credit score can affect if and when you buy a house, a car, and can have a major impact on your insurance rates.

I have had my credit score go up, down, and all over the place. Unfortunately, I learned too late how much your credit can affect your life. It took my a long time to catch up and thankfully I am on the right track. Ten years ago, I wasn't even on the right road.

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Coloradans are facing financial pressure and we are starting to see the long-term effects of it.

Colorado and Credit Scores


According to a new report by WalletHub, Colorado is no longer a top ten state when it comes to having a high credit score. Colorado has the 11th-best credit score on average across the entire country.

The average credit score is 715, which according to Nerdwallet, would put the average Coloradan at the top of the "good" category.

Coloradans are just five points away from being in the excellent category.

Struggling With Your Credit? What to Do


If you have struggled with your credit score you know that it can be an uphill battle. Here are some great tips from credit experts Experian.

  • Build your credit file.
  • Try your best to make all of your payments.
  • Catch up on payments that are in the red.

Other States to Mention

According to the ranking, the state of Mississippi has the lowest average credit score at 672, and Minnesota has the highest at 725.

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