Colorado and comfy log cabins are a match made in heaven. We love them, and they are the perfect place to stay when escaping for a weekend in the wilderness.

From cool places like Uncle Buds Hut to the log cabins around Vega Lake State Park, with a little searching, you can find some pretty great cabins and cottages in Colorado to enjoy this winter.

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Colorado's Love Affair with Log Cabins

Ever notice how in most Colorado gift shops the 'log cabin in the Rockies' appears on half the merch? Little log cabins are a part of almost every Colorado postcard, snow globe, custom holiday ornament, and coffee mug sent out from our state. Who doesn't love a comfy cozy log cabin? Keep going to check out 12 log cabin/cottage rentals from that you can stay at this winter.

The Evolution of Log Cabins

For people settling in the Colorado territory, a log cabin may have been the quickest and cheapest way to establish a shelter. The oldest standing log home in Colorado is thought to be Baugh House in Wheat Ridge. It was built in 1859 and still stands on its original site. What would the folks who built that cabin say if they could see some of the rentals below?

See Our Picks for 12 Cozy Cabin Rentals from Airbnb

You can search on and on with the links below and find cabin rentals for thousands of dollars per night. Our 12 picks are pretty affordable, and a couple of the selections below are great for groups looking for a log cabin experience near a ski resort like Powderhorn Mountain. Stay cozy!

12 Cozy Cabins/Cottages to Stay At This Winter in Colorado

How does escaping to the mountains for a weekend in a cozy log cabin/cottage rental sound? Check out 12 Airbnb rental cabins that provide the perfect place to relax and unwind this winter on the western slope.

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