Do you ever have a moment when you are talking to your kid or somebody from a younger generation where you have to stop the conversation? I have found myself doing that since I am not current on today's slang terms.

Since I am in my late 20's I am a little embarrassed to admit that. I used to be cool. Slang terms are constantly changing and evolving in Colorado.

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Unfortunately, a slang term from Colorado happens to be one of the most hated across the country.

Americans Hate Colorado Slang Term

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Wordtips asked people across the country what their most and least favorite slang terms are. The term conniption is America's favorite. That means when we are made and throw a quick fit.

One of the nation's most hated slang terms is Colorado Kool-Aid. You either know this term or have no clue what it means.

Colorado Kool-Aid is a slang term for Coors. Coors is Colorado's most famous beer.

I do not hear many people using the term Colorado Kool-Aid, but I find it funny and will probably start saying it more.

Origin of Colorado Kool-Aid


The term Colorado Kool-Aid was not invented in Colorado. The term was created by country artist Johnny Paycheck. Paycheck released the song "Colorado Kool-Aid" on his 1975 album Take This Job and Shove It.

Colorado Kool-Aid

Why do people hate Colorado Kool-Aid so much? We live in a world where yeet and skrrrt thrive. I find it funny that Americans hate Colorado Kool-Aid so much because we do not hear it very often.

No cap.

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