We know right off the bat that Colorado doesn't have much humidity in the summertime. You often hear people that are either visiting Colorado or moved from other states say these famous words:

At least it's a dry heat

Aside from being raised in Colorado, I have lived in numerous states. Some of those have had unbearable humidity. Florida was hands down the absolute worst. If you have never been to the Sunshine State, I can tell you that it is like living in a sauna most of the year. Imagine getting out of the shower, drying off with a towel, and putting on your clothes, only to feel like you went straight from the shower to getting dressed. That is no exaggeration.

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It takes a certain type of person to live in muggy weather. I am not one of those types of people and I don't think I ever will be. That is why living in Colorado is nice.

Photo by Logan Bonjean on Unsplash
Photo by Logan Bonjean on Unsplash

According to Money Inc. Denver is one of the least humid cities in the United States. We already knew that, but where exactly does Denver rank on the list? Denver ranked 13th in the Top 20 Best Places to Live with Low Humidity in the United States.  Coming in at 13th place is pretty hard to imagine, due to our climate. However, there are numerous cities on the list that make sense being higher on the list.

Prescott, Arizona, Phoenix, Arizona, St. George, Utah, and Palm Springs, California all ranked higher on the list. One city on the list boggles my mind as being one of the lowest-humidity cities in the nation. That city would be Dallas, Texas. I had an overnight stint due to a delayed flight in Dallas last year and I can say for a fact Dallas is anything but a low-humidity city.

Where is the lowest-humidity city in the United States?

Las Vegas
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The number one ranked city for having the lowest humidity in the United States is Las Vegas, Nevada. Sin City surely does have that dry heat factor. Check out the 20 Best Places to Live with Low Humidity in the United States from Money Inc.

Source: Money Inc. 

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