Being a homeowner in Colorado has its fair share of headaches and costs.

Homeowners ensure that mortgage payments are made on time, property taxes are up to date, and repairs are made so your home is working properly.

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Home insurance happens to be one of the biggest costs when talking about homeownership.

Coloradans pay an average of $179 per month for home insurance. That’s a lot of money.

It looks like home insurance companies have no problem tacking on late fees, but when we need help from these insurance companies they have no problem dropping us like a bad date.

Fort Collins Residents Are Fed Up

View of Fort Collins

A team of Fort Collins residents have shared their experiences with home insurance. Unfortunately, we are seeing a similar story over and over again.

Many Colorado residents have consistently made their payments and have a solid credit record. But if something goes wrong with their home, the insurance company will foot the bill and then quickly give them the boot.

You might be thinking what I’m thinking: what is the point of having home insurance?

My parents had the same insurance for over 15 years. No claims against the house insurance. A hailstorm came through and destroyed their roof and broke windows. They filed a claim. The claim paid out, followed by a cancellation letter. - u/nativesloth

Here is another story from a Fort Collins resident.

...Same thing happened to my parents. 100k in damage. I was appalled that they canceled it. Insurance companies don’t like when you use the money that’s supposedly yours, insurance adjusters are quite literally trained to scam you... - u/lizzamo

Looking at the Insurance Companies

Home insurance paperwork

At the end of the day, insurance companies need to make money. If your claim makes them lose money they are likely to cancel your policy.

It sucks, but it is very common in Colorado due to extreme weather. Judging by the comments, this has been an issue in Colorado for a long time and will most likely not end anytime soon.

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