We've got less than three weeks till Christmas, and Grand Junction, Colorado, needs to keep an eye out for the Grinch. He's been spotted in the Grand Valley turning off Christmas lights and deflating our holiday decorations!

Check out the TikTok video below from the user Camjo0303.

Watch The Grinch Ruin Christmas

The Grinch is seen here walking the streets of Grand Junction and turning off Christmas lights. While we don't see his dog Max, you can tell it's the actual Grinch by his patented "tip-toeing" walk through the yard.

No Need To Call The Cops On This Grinch

This video was made all in good fun. The front door of this house is wide open as the Grinch prances about the lawn. The Grinch unplugs the decorations and sneaks back across the driveway. Not only was this video posted on TikTok, but it was also shared on Facebook by the group "Christmas Displays, Mesa County, Colorado."

Pedersen Toyota Light Up NoCo 2023 Contest

Scroll below to see the lovely holiday lights of Northern Colorado. Take note of the entry number to vote for your favorite in the Pedersen Toyota Light Up NoCo 2023 Contest. The winning creator will receive $1,000. And one voter will win $500 to stuff their stocking.

Vote below the entries.

Enjoy the Christmas lights here and live in person this 2023 holiday season.

Gallery Credit: Christine Kapperman

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