Christmas and the holidays are right around the corner in Colorado and many of us are putting the final touches on the special day. Are you prepared?

I am not prepared. I have only done about half of my Christmas shopping. I am going to Old Town Fort Collins in the next few days in hopes of finding the perfect gifts for my loved ones.

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I am typically a last-minute shopper. I tell myself after every Christmas that "next year is going to be different".

It never is. I am a master procrastinator with these sorts of things. So if you are not done with Christmas shopping yet, do not feel bad. I do not lead by example, though.

When Coloradans Typically Go Christmas Shopping


A new report by BetOhio analyzed how Americans in every state spend their money for the holidays and when we spend the most money. BetOhio looked at all 50 states to compare our similarities and our differences.

If you have not completed your shopping, you are behind the rest of Colorado.

Colorado Is More Last Minute Than You Would Think


The report says that 25% of residents in Colorado start their shopping before October 1. 27% of Coloradans start Christmas and holiday shopping after December 1st.

25% of Colorado residents typically start Christmas shopping before October 1st, and 27% start after December 1st.

That is only a 2% difference. The majority of Coloradans do their holiday shopping in November.

How Much Coloradans Spend on Gifts


The report says that Coloradans spent on average $562 this Christmas. Does that seem like a lot? Well, it depends on your family size and how much money you make. I am shopping for over 10 people this year. That adds up quickly.

Source; BetOhio

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