The suspect from the Colorado grave robbery that occurred on October 11, 2023, has been arrested. According to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, the arrest in the crime took place by the Denver Police Department on October 24, 2023.


John Wayne Belknap, 46, was arrested in connection with the theft of body parts from the Crown Hill Cemetery in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. The investigation into the crime led authorities to Belknap from evidence left at the scene.

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The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office was dispatched to the Crown Hill Cemetery located at 777 West 29th Avenue at 7:20 a.m. on October 11 on reports of damage to the mausoleum. This is when officers discovered severe damage to the crypt. Further investigation showed that a suspect forced their way into the crypt and the casket inside. The remains inside the casket were not complete and evidence showed that portions of the body had been removed.

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John Wayne Belknap is facing charges of felony criminal mischief, abuse to a corpse, third-degree burglary, theft, and desecration of a venerated object. Belknap is currently being held at the Jefferson County Jail.

At this time, the remains from the casket have not been recovered and the investigation into the crime is still ongoing. The entire news release on this incident can be seen on the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office website.

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