When you receive a random act of kindness it can truly turn your day around. Random acts of kindness are unexpected and will most certainly put a smile on your face.

You may have seen Cava, a Mediterranean restaurant chain in Colorado. They have ten locations in Colorado and over 300 across the country. . I have gone to their location in Fort Collins a few times and I might need to go again after hearing about one of their policies.

C‌olorado's Love Charge

Cava is in the news right now because a man received a free meal and he was confused as to why.

The man got a sandwich at his local Cava restaurant and noticed something strange on his receipt.

His total was $11.05, but there was another item that said: "'love". The item 'love' removed the man's sandwich charge.

Colorado Chain's Policy

Google Maps
Google Maps

A‌pparently Cava allows their employees to give free food to either make somebody's day better or say thank you to a kind customer.

Funny enough, there is a button on the register that is called the 'love button'.

This button allows employees to hand out free meals to customers.

This policy is awesome. I wish more chain restaurants would do this. This might inspire you to be more kind when you are at a Cava restaurant. Well, you should be kind regardless of whether or not free food is an option.

This might inspire you to make somebody's day regardless of any benefit you may receive.

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