The official winter season is right around the corner.

You know, I've been so focused on my Christmas to-do list that I forgot that it's technically still fall. That's right. The actual winter season has yet to begin. This year, the first day of winter is Saturday, December 21, which seems so late. It seems like the fall season should be ushered out with the end of Thanksgiving as we plant our Christmas trees in the name of all that is winter.

So what does winter look like for us?

For that, we turn to the Farmers' Almanac. For those unfamiliar, this publication has been predicting long-range weather conditions for more than 200 years. They also claim that their accuracy rate is above 80 percent or something like that. As it sits now, the extended forecast for winter across the board is cold with a big temperature drop coming the final week of January and lasting through the beginning of February.

Specifically, when it comes to our region (which has been dubbed the North Central U.S.) we are expecting to see rain and snow this winter. Although we are supposed to see snow pretty much each week leading up to Christmas, we are expected to be dry and very cold for Christmas. There is also a threat of snow for New Years Eve.

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