This Colorado dog of Instagram may be one of the happiest dogs I have ever seen. Cattle dogs are know to be active, smart and loyal, but this guy is getting a lot of love around his parkour skills. The video below was filmed at Colorado State University. Make sure you browse the life he has had on Instagram, this is one lucky and funny dog. Adventure, rewards and lots of love seem to be the theme of many videos and pictures.

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Krammer began training Blodgett on moving through obstacles and started using commands to tell him when to start, stop, jump, duck and other things he might need to do when encountering obstacles in the mountains.

"We started doing the parkour strictly so I could get him adept at jumping and weaving on command," Krammer said.

Because of his parkour training, Krammer said Blodgett can better handle the unique and technical challenges they often come across while climbing mountains.

"When we're in the mountains, I never had to worry, 'Can he handle this?' " Krammer said.

Blodgett also knows his own abilities in the mountains and knows how to signal to Krammer when he's not able or comfortable taking on an obstacle by himself, Krammer said.

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Now that Blodgett is getting older, Krammer said he is sad to admit Blodgett may have to retire from their long hikes and multi-day adventures in the coming years. Krammer is still working to climb every 13er in the state (there are 584) after tackling every 14er, but he knows Blodgett likely won't make it up every one with him.

"We're going really hard on it just because I think we probably have a solid one or two years left of good seasons before he's too senior and kind of mellowing out a little bit," Krammer said.

And even though the pair moved to Denver, Blodgett still enjoys — and remembers — their regular loop around Old Town when they come back to Fort Collins about once a month, Krammer said.

And when they do, Krammer said people even still stop and say they recognize Blodgett as "the dog that jumps over stuff."

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