Whether you are a cycling enthusiast or somebody who gets annoyed at cyclists, it is a well-known fact that there are a ton of cyclists in Colorado.

I used to be a cyclist 50 pounds ago. My bike was collecting dust in the garage, so I sold it to somebody on Facebook Marketplace.

A big reason why I stopped, other than just being lazy, was I got nervous riding my bike. I constantly had cars riding my tail and I was tired of being honked at even though I was out of the way.

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It stressed me out. Plus, I didn't want to be an inconvenience to anybody.

Colorado and Cycling


According to Colorado.com, Colorado is one of the best states for cycling enthusiasts due to the amount of trails and nature to explore.

Colorado has a lot of gold-rated routes meaning that cycling enthusiasts from all over the country travel the country to explore our terrain.

These bike trails are a ton of fun, however, cycling within city limits is a different story.

Colorado Cycling Can be Dangerous


New data by John Fitch, a personal injury lawyer, looked at cycling injuries and fatalities in each state over the past year. Fitch followed crash data reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for five years.

The data concluded that Colorado is the 10th most deadly state for cyclists. 4.25% of all road accident fatalities in Colorado involve cyclists. That is an extremely high percentage if you look at our neighbor Wyoming, which has a 0.22% fatality rate among cyclists. 

How to Stay Safe

Bike Fort Collins has a bunch of safe cycling practices you can check out. Here is a helpful and informative video.

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