As the battle over immigration continues in our nation's Capitol, some Colorado lawmakers are looking to make changes of their own. There is a discussion in Colorado's state Capitol about creating its own legal work permit, which would make it the first state in the country with an alternative to the green card. In this case, it would be a purple card.

KCNC-CBS Denver reports that the bill would allow anyone who is currently here illegally but have paid state taxes for at least two years and haven't had a felony in three years will be eligible for legal status. The bill would also protect employees who hire people with purple cards from federal penalty.

Omar Gomez, who is leading the movement for the purple card told KCNC that "It benefits the state because they know who's working where, and we know for sure they're paying taxes."

Governor John Hickenlooper thinks the purple card "has a lot of problems" and that the state may be better to enforce current laws.


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