It's nearly impossible to visit Estes Park, Colorado, and not stop into this candy shop for some of their legendary fare. Here comes USA Today agreeing, and wanting to make them one of America's 10 Best.

USA Today has a list of 20 candy shops across America, from Hawaii to Florida, all vying to be named in the top 10 for those who have a "sweet tooth," and want to visit only the best sweet shops in the nation.

Will Estes be on that list? With your help, it's very, very possible.

How many times as a Coloradan, have you stopped into The Taffy Shop in Estes Park? If you said "more than a few," then you need to take part in USA Today's Readers' Choice Poll and get them into the top 10.

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For nearly 90 years, this shop has been delighting tourists as well as locals with not only their famous salt water taffy, but other candies too; now, Coloradans can show their love of the shop, without having to trek to Estes.

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Imagine: Dating back to 1935, this is not just a candy shop, it's part of Estes Park's history. Generation after generation have been into the store, after standing outside at the window, watching that taffy maker go round and around.

The taffy maker is so famous and hypnotic, that The Taffy Shop has a live stream of it: The "Taffy Cam."

USA Today Names Estes Park, Colorado, Candy Shop Among 20 Best

Stand back, Hershey and Jolly Rancher, this poll is only for independent candy stores across America. 20 of them are being voted upon through June 10, 2024 at 10:00 a.m. MST.

On June 19, 2024, they'll release the final tally, and we'll see The Taffy Shop among the that Top 10. Cast Your Vote for The Taffy Shop Here.

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