There are many great cities and towns in Colorado to call home. Of course, we all know that some cities are better than others. For most of us, picking the best city to call home in Colorado comes down to opinion.

We all have different wants and needs from the places we live. However, some data was just released and it gives us a clear picture of which cities are the best to call home.

Best Cities in Colorado Revealed

US News just unveiled their list of the top cities to live in for 2024 and 2025. Two Colorado cities made the top ten list. Let's take a look at the cities that made the top 150.

5 Best Colorado Cities to Call Home in 2024

U.S. News unveiled a list of the best cities to live in across America. Here are the Colorado cities that were mentioned in the ranking.

Gallery Credit: Tanner Chambers

Do You Agree or Disagree with the Colorado Cities Selected?


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It is really cool to see Denver, Fort Collins, Boulder, and Colorado Springs officially listed on the national ranking. Considering the countless cities and towns in America, it is a huge honor. I live in Fort Collins and I agree that it is by far one of the best cities to call home.

Greeley, which was not mentioned, is likely to be added next year. The cost of living and emphasis on local business will be a driving factor.

Do We Take Colorado for Granted?

I see constant complaints about Colorado all the time on social media. I understand that we have issues as a state that need to be worked on, however, there are far more states in worse situations.

Youtuber's 10 Worst Towns in Colorado and Why

Come with us now as we take a journey across the Centennial State to hear why this YouTuber hates these 10 towns, so much.

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