We all have a horror story or two about things we've seen while driving on the roads of Colorado. More often than not, these bad driving incidents occur in a vehicle with an out-of-state plate. While this might not be the case for everyone, it certainly seems to be factual for me.


Those who spend more time on the roads of Colorado will surely see more of these bad driving incidents than others who commute a short distance to work every day. While some Colorado drivers can be bad about the task at hand, Colorado as a whole isn't all that bad regarding accidents.

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A recent report put out by LendingTree.com shows the rankings of the worst drivers by state and Colorado doesn't even break into the top 50 percent. The data was compiled from insurance quotes from October 26, 2022, through October 26, 2023.

How Bad Are Colorado Drivers?

LendingTree.com ranked drivers in Colorado at 30, which isn't all that bad considering the numbers. The ranking system is based on accidents per 1,000 drivers. Colorado only had 12.98 accidents per 1,000 drivers in the studied timeframe.

However, we do see many drivers with license plates from either Texas or California on the roads of Colorado. Both California and Texas ranked in the top 10 states for bad drivers. Texas ranked 10th with 17.76 accidents per 1,000 drivers and California was third on the list with 29.18 accidents per 1,000 drivers.


While Texas and California are in the top 10, they still do not come close to the worst states with bad drivers. Rhode Island has a whopping 33.15 accidents per 1,000 drivers giving the state a second-place participation trophy and Massachusetts was far and away the worst state with bad drivers with 38.82 accidents per 1,000 drivers.


If you would like to see the full report of the states with the worst drivers, you can visit LendingTree.com.

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