Now that Halloween is over, most Coloradans are focused on the next big holiday: Thanksgiving.

Or are they?

It is a growing trend in America to set up your Christmas tree the day after Halloween. There are even some people who have their Christmas trees up year-round.

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This is different than people leaving holiday lights on their houses because people intentionally will leave their tree up because it brings them joy rather than being burdened taking down holiday lights.

We Asked Northern Coloradans When You Should Put Your Tree Up


We asked on Facebook when the ideal day is to put your tree up for the holiday season. The overall consensus of the comments was that the day after Thanksgiving is the day you should start decorating.

This makes sense. A lot of people want to celebrate Thanksgiving, and that is all fine and dandy, but the outrage that people have when you tell them you are putting your tree up before Thanksgiving is hilarious. I like to poke fun at those people and get their blood pressure up.

I love how you think I have to “set it up again” - Cory Myers

Should You Set Up Your Tree Now?


The question is always whether or not it is acceptable. I firmly believe that it is your house, your rules, and anybody else's opinion is invalid.

My Christmas tree is currently up.

I put my tree up because it brings me joy. Why would that make anybody upset? Some could argue that it reduces how special the holidays can be, but here is my argument. If that is the case, then why are pumpkin spice lattes available in August?

At the end of the day, whatever you do with your house is your business. This is America, baby, do whatever you want.

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