I got my hairs cut on Saturday morning and my wife and I spent some time with family and friends on Saturday night. Before we went out, we had to get ready, of course. After I got out of the shower and dried my hair, my wife said, "I like it messy like that". I am all about making Jenny happy, so I threw a little sticky stuff in my hair and left it kinda messy. What do you think?

Todd's New Haircut Side View
Jenny Harding, For TSM

I had to include a selfie!

Todd's New Haircut Front View
Selfie, TSM

Here is what I looked like on Friday night at the Markham Family Fundraiser "For the Love of a Farmer's Daughter". I basically just slicked my hair back. I posed with our friend Bill Markham and my lovely wife, Jenny.

For the Love of a Farmer's Daughter Fundraiser
Jenny Harding's Camera, For TSM

Should go with the messy, spiky look or should I be more conservative?


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