It's time to settle the score on this Christmas tree debate.

The holidays are filled with numerous traditions. From food and gatherings, to gift exchanges and activities, everyone has their own way of celebrating. Let's not forget about the tree though. Each tree is unique as it is created by different people influenced by these very traditions.

Growing up we decorated our tree with these delicate Disney-themed ornaments that were made of wood and hand-painted. They've been in our family forrrrever and I hope to inherit them one day. Those ornaments were always hung with care on a fake tree.

Yep, I said a fake tree.

I've never had a real tree in my home, not as a kid or now as an adult. I'm not sure if that was intentional or if we are just a product of unconscious bias, but my husband is the same way. He never suggested we go out and get a real tree. However, I know there are people who go out and cut down their own tree or stop by a tree farm to find the perfect vessel for their holiday traditions.

I'm not sure that one tree is right and one tree is wrong, but we're still going to pit them against one another. It's a knock-down, drag-out battle between those real and fake branches. Now doesn't that sound like the spirit of the holidays?

So tell us which tree is proudly displayed in your home...

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