We are all looking to get the most bang for our buck when it comes to grocery shopping in Colorado.

We all have our favorite spots and we are trying to find the best quality food for the best price possible. Low-quality and cheap groceries can sometimes be a perfect recipe for disappointment.

Grocery shopping can be tricky. There is one grocery store in Colorado that could be a cure for many of your headaches.

Surprising Colorado Grocery Store Leads the Way


BravoDeal ranked grocery stores across the country and pinpointed the best quality of food for the price you are paying.

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The top two stores were Aldi and Lidl. There is one major problem. Neither of those stores has any locations in Colorado. So what is next?

The answer is Trader Joe's. Trader Joe's traditionally has a reputation for having high prices. Trader Joe's is often put in the same category as Whole Foods. However, prices have been going down while the products have not suffered.

Taking A Deeper Look at Trader Joe's in Colorado

Trader Joe's opened in Fort Collins over the weekend
CTV News, YouTube

BravoDeal discovered that the estimated cost of essentials from Trader Joe's was $60.38 weekly. This average is for a family of three.

I do some of my grocery shopping at Trader Joe's. After looking at the data, I am going to consider buying from Trader Joe's more often.

Plus, Trader Joe's Scandinavian Swimmers candy is a favorite in my household.

I typically buy meat and seafood from Trader Joe's. I feel like it is the most bang for your buck compared to Walmart, King Soopers, and other grocery stores across Northern Colorado.

Other Colorado Grocery Stores Mentioned


Here are the top five most cost-effective grocery stores in Colorado.

  • #5 - Kroger (King Soopers)
  • #4 - Target
  • #3 - Walmart
  • #2 - Albertsons
  • #1 - Trader Joe's

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