The floods of 2013 are still visible in many places. CDOT has finally begun permanent construction on Hwy 34 between Greeley and Kersey to include a new road and bridge.

The 22 million dollar project is being done by a local contractor out of Firestone and should be completed by June or July of 2015. The wait will be more than worth it the highway will be better than ever with the threat of future flooding at the top of the agenda.

This project will include 2 specific damage locations.  Long-term permanent repairs will include removal of debris and sediment, removal and replacement of concrete pavement overtopped by flood waters, repair of damaged utilities, removing and replacing temporary pavement and embankment installed during Emergency Repair and repairing and/or replacing damaged Right of Way fencing. The temporary detour at milepost 115.4 will be removed and the portion of the roadway where the water blew out the roadway will be replaced by a new bridge. A damaged inlet end of a concrete box culvert at Latham Ditch will be cleaned out and repaired. All roadway embankment slopes adjacent to the roadway disturbed during Emergency Repair will be graded and re-vegetated with native grass seed and mulch - CDOT

Traffic delays should be minimal and speeds through the area will be kept at 45 MPH for the safety of workers and motorists alike.

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