Dear NBA players, so the average salary is over $5 million a year to “play” basketball for 82 games a year, not work, not hammering, not paving roads, not teaching a room full of children, not figuring out a company payroll, not building a bridge but “playing” basketball.  You think it’s a bad deal? Are you that out of touch with the real world?

Players are upset because the owners will make more than them.  Don’t all of our bosses make more than us even though we are the product? Of course they do. Accept it or become management instead of playing. The rest of the real world have taken pay cuts or looked for new jobs because they were let go while you try to scrap by. To be honest we can’t afford a ticket to go and watch you play anymore any way, we have bills to pay.

Brian writes letter to NBA players

You used to be a nice break from the daily grind but now you are just a reminder of what is wrong with our monetary values. While you try to figure out how you and your families can get by on your little salary please take a moment to think about all the concession workers, the parking lot attendants, the stadium security staff, the restaurants and its employees and all the others whose income is based on working at or around the game. Think of the wonderful holidays they will have when they can’t afford gifts this year. So many people who will never put on a uniform are the ones who are really affected by this.

I say goodbye NBA, I will not miss you. I have high school basketball and college basketball to fill the void. If the NBA goes away maybe the college kids will stay in school for 4 years and get an education and we would have a new league filled with smarter players who are more mentally mature and wouldn’t  be this out of touch with reality. Don’t let the door hit you on your way overseas guys.

Disgustedly yours,

Brian Gary

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