The Denver Nuggets have been and continue to be close. They have built a solid championship-caliber team that has matured over the past couple of years and yesterday, one of the key pieces of the puzzle that will hopefully soon bring Denver's first NBA title to the Mile High City, was signed to a long term deal.

According to the Denver Nuggets,  who open training camp today, Sept. 28, they have re-signed star player Michael Porter Jr. to a 5-year max extension which simply means: the man is getting PAID...big time.

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Porter Jr. has without a doubt earned this extension and is such a key player on the team and such an important piece. With the team getting closer every year to an NBA title, it was imperative that they keep him in Denver long-term, and they have.

The team says the deal is worth up to $172 million unless Porter Jr. reaches designated max criteria, such as an All-NBA selection, which could take the value to $207 million. Outside of "The Joker" Nikola Jokic, I think Michael Porter Jr. is the most important piece of this team. Now that Covid restrictions have eased and Ball Arena can be filled again, I can't wait to watch these two and the rest of the Nuggets do their thing this upcoming season.  

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