I am a dinosaur and I have no problem admitting it. I am a bit of a fossil when it comes to technology. I am being dragged kicking and screaming into the computer inundated world. I was one of the last people I know to learn to email, to have a cell phone to get on Facebook to get rid of my auto-reverse cassette deck. I tend to be an old soul. Now for many years my friends have given me grief for my Flintstone style cell phone, it takes calls and can send a text message, that is all I needed. After 5 years of dedicated service my phone died this weekend (moment of silence please) and all the information that was in it. I realized I know nobody's actual phone number anymore. They were a name in my phone not a number and I don't remember a darn one except maybe my own.

I had to go replace my phone because this day and age we have to be able to reached at all times. I decided to upgrade and get a smart phone. I have never felt as dumb as I do with a smart phone. How do you use this thing? I am not smarter than my phone anymore. I didn't know an app from a apple. This is all new to me. I went into the store and brought my Flintstone 990 BC into the store and all the employees gathered around and giggled at my traveling Smithsonian exhibit. I was a bit offended but understood the humor. It was an 8 track tape player of a phone and I am sure the young adults of today had never seen one like this in person. When the laughter subsided I was ushered into a EVO 4G smart phone. I am baffled at the technology. My son came over and helped me try to figure out how to use it. He showed me all the important things like how to get the weather, how to play Paper Toss and Angry Birds and how to scan an item with the bar-code device on the phone. What the??? I spent 7 hours with this thing after I bought it trying to learn how to send a message. I got to level 3 of Angry Birds but I still don't think I got a message sent. I also noticed that this new phone has a battery life 7 and half minutes so if I am ever able to answer a call I have to talk very fast...just like the salesman who sold it to me. I will check back in with you in a couple of weeks when I learn how to make a call...or get to level 4 of Angry Birds, which ever comes first.

Brian Gary with Smart Phone

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