Everywhere you turn there is bad news and people complaining about something, but every now and then it is nice to know that this world still has "good guys." I think everyone who has listened to K99 over the last 25 years knows that Brian Gary is one of those good guys, but most don't get to see what he does on a daily basis, like what he did yesterday that brought a tear to my eye.

You know about the 28 Hours of Hope and the countless hours of community service and support that Brian has lent his hand and voice to over the last two and a half decades, but to me that kind of stuff doesn't necessarily make you a good person. I know plenty of people that do good in the public eye to gain recognition and then go off and become the true jerk they are the rest of their lives. Not the case with Brian, if he does something it means something to him and he will give it all he has.

Now sure, Brian is a normal guy too. Life can be tough at times so we sit around we complain about things from work to whats going on at home. We have made fun of a person or two, and we like to tell a poop joke or two. The thing about it though is when there is someone down, someone who needs a hand, or someone who simply needs a smile put on their face, you can count on Brian to do it for them.

Yesterday morning when I came in to work Brian was excited to show me the rare piece of artwork that the Zac Brown Band had sent him and personally signed for him to commemorate their new album and thank him for supporting their career. After we awed over the piece of art and he said that it would look great on the wall of his collections room in his basement we went on with our poop jokes and the rest of our morning. That is when our longtime friend and co-worker Josh came in and saw the piece of art. I am not positive, but I think Josh, who is a HUGE Zac Brown fan, may have actually drooled on the piece of memorabilia. Brian told him what it was all about and again we all went about our business. About an hour later I saw the light bulb above Brian's head light up and he randomly blurted out to me that he was going to give the piece to Josh. "That would make his life" Brian said, grabbed the box and handed it to Josh. Josh gave Brian a big hug and I went and hid in the studio and shed a tear or two.

Moral of the story... If it weren't for this article no one would have ever known that Brian did this, and that didn't matter to him. His sole reason for doing what he did was because he wanted to see Josh smile. This is just one small example of many things that this guy does on a daily basis to make the lives of those who have the honor of knowing him just a little better!

P.S.: If this brown-nosing earned me some free breakfast this morning, I will share! :)

But in all seriousness... Brian, thanks for being awesome!

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