I like to think of myself as a level-headed person that is pretty calm in nature for the most part. When it comes to driving, in particular the habits of others around me, I can keep my cool most of the time.

But I'm going to be completely honest with you, there is one thing that will drive me absolutely crazy when I see it: sitting around and waiting to turn on a blinking yellow light.

Yes, I understand that yellow means caution and while I appreciate the cautious nature of doing things, when you have an opportunity to go through a blinking yellow light at a busy intersection like HWY 392 and County Road 19 in Windsor - which is where this particular incident took place - when you have a chance to go, you take it and go instead of waiting for 10 seconds when no cars are coming and then having to wait for another red light and more traffic to build up.

Google Street View
Google Street View

Not only did this happen over the weekend as I was trying to get to an appointment, but I've witnessed this happening a bunch of times lately. I simply wanted to clear things up for those that are confused and don't quite understand how the blinking arrows work and what the various colors of blinking arrows mean.

So let's dive in for a quick crash course.


So to recap, when there's a yellow arrow flashing that means you yield to oncoming traffic along with pedestrians. And when the coast is clear, it is OK to turn left. There's no need to just sit there with no cars coming and simply wait for the arrow to be green again to go.

And just for the record, when the arrow is red, you stop, and when it's green, you have the right of way to oncoming traffic and may move along on your happy way.

Hope this helps those that need it. Happy driving.

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