I love and appreciate most kinds of music. I am steeped in country but also lots of other types of music as well. I know that not everybody agrees on music. What is awesome to one person might be trash to another, which brings me to my point....I think Bob Dylan is the most over-rated singer in the history of music. I also can't stand The Doors, Pink Floyd, Yes and Neil Young but let's stick with Mr. Dylan.

I can understand him being hailed as a poet but as a singer he makes Willie Nelson sound like an American Idol. I will see him perform on an awards show and see the audience give him a standing ovation. I don't know if they are applauding because it's over or if they really liked it. I usually cannot understand a word he sings. I think I would rather listen to a CD of cats fighting or Yoko Ono over and over than listen to Dylan album. His voice is as soothing as a metal spoon scraping the bottom of a pan.

I know there are other singers out there that are successful yet suckful. Who's voice drives you crazy?

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