Black Friday shopping is nearly here in Colorado and many of us are preparing for epic deals. Some of us will be doing our Black Friday shopping online, but most of us will be buying online.

Watch Out For Scammers


It looks like scammers are attacking Coloradans once again, but these scammers are using sneaky ways to get your information.

Expect to see impersonator scams this week and throughout the holiday shopping season. These scams are when a criminal acts like a company or person and try to get you to click on a link.

That link will either steal your information or install malware on your device.

News Nation Now reports that there will be two major scams to look out for during Black Friday.

Scam #1: They Want to Scare You

woman nervous looking at cell phone

You need to watch out for emails that threaten to suspend your Amazon account if you don't hand over your personal info. A scammer will either send you an attachment or a link that will automatically download a file onto your device.

These attachments are filled with malware, so don't even think about opening them. And never give out your personal details, no matter what.

Scam #2: No, You Do Not Have An Accounting Error

phone being hacked

Be careful when you get emails, texts, and phone calls from Amazon. It could likely be a scammer claiming to be Amazon.

A common scam being found, according to News Nation Now, is phishing emails and texts. A common one is a scammer claiming that you may have an accounting error and they need your personal information in order to fix it. Do not click on these links.

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