Usually, this would be pretty good news, some much-needed moisture hitting the mountains. But, with this year's problems with floods and mudslides, the word monsoon brings a little hesitation with the excitement.

According to KDVR, not only is this going to be the biggest monsoon surge of the year, it could be the biggest one in the last 5 years.

Winds and heavy rain could wreak havoc again, especially in the burn scar areas where mudslides can happen in an instant. The Glenwood Canyon area through I-70 has been a trouble spot all year with that stretch of the highway being closed several times throughout the summer due to mudslides.

That could be a trouble spot once again this weekend, which is also Labor Day weekend. So if you are one of the many people expected to be traveling this weekend and your travels take you over towards that area, be prepared and check the forecast often.

That area has already been hit hard and CDOT has been working on things for the past few months and even into this past weekend.

This weekend, if your travels will need to take you through the Glenwood Canyon area of I-70, plan ahead, check the forecast often and prepare to take the suggested detour provided by our friends at the Colorado Department of Transportation.



Do NOT take any other "suggested route" that may appear shorter on your phone. Those routes are not safe and should be avoided. Sure, this way is longer, but it's the safest option for you according to CDOT.

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