In 2021, two Colorado zoos took top honors in USA Today's 10 Best. Both the Denver Zoo (ranked 10th) and The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (ranked 4th) were voted into the top 10 out of more than 200 zoos across the country.

Summer in Colorado is nearly here. This means family trips to one of Colorado's zoos to make precious memories. The seasonal change also means that both the Denver Zoo and the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo could use your votes for the best zoos in the nation.

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10 Best is open to voting for your favorite zoos in the country. Both Denver and Cheyenne Mountain zoos have made it to the final round in the top 20.

Denver Zoo

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Additionally, the Denver Zoo and the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo are both finalists in the best zoo exhibit categories. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo's exhibit Rocky Mountain Wild and the Denver Zoo's Toyota Elephant Passage could take home top 10 honors in 2022.

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo's Rocky Mountain Wild exhibit ranked third best. The Denver Zoo did not make the top 10 list for exhibits in 10 Best in 2021.

Vote for Your Favorite Zoo and Exhibit

If you would like to vote for your favorite Colorado zoo and exhibit, you can do so below.

I think it is high time for me to get to one of these zoos this summer. Looking back, I don't think that I have been to a zoo in well over a decade. I am certainly going to change that this summer.

Source: 10 Best

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