There are plenty of amazing restaurants in Colorado, but finding a great appetizer can be a gamble. Some restaurants have special appetizers and others will have appetizers to fill space on their menu.

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Here is some advice. If you are curious about an appetizer, you should ask your server what they think about it. Most of the time they will be honest with you. If the appetizer is not that great, they will recommend a better appetizer for you to enjoy.

The Post Chicken and Beer's Phenomenal Deviled Eggs

Tanner Chambers/TSM
Tanner Chambers/TSM

I recently went to the Post Chicken & Beer in Fort Collins because my friends and I needed to fulfill a fried chicken craving. The craving was filled, but my friends and I were not expecting to find a new one.

Colorado Server's Amazing Recommendation

Tanner Chambers/TSM
Tanner Chambers/TSM

I asked our great server at the Post about what she thought of the deviled eggs before I ordered them for the table.

She told me that other customers have been cautious about ordering them as well. Most customers are cautious about ordering deviled eggs because let's be honest, most deviled eggs sold as appetizers are not very good.

The server let my table know that The Post Chicken and Beer's deviled eggs were better than any grandmother's special recipe. I appreciated the confidence, but I did not believe there was a chance.

Review: The Post's Deviled Eggs

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Google Maps

The deviled eggs are phenomenal. By far the best I have ever had. My grandma had the best-deviled eggs, but I am sorry to report grandma, you have been outdone.

The deviled eggs were well organized in appearance and flavor. Chives, relish, and honey-cured bacon make these deviled eggs memorable for any occasion.

When you order, you receive six deviled eggs. I could, and wished, I had ordered more of them.

The appetizer is $10, gluten-free, and can be vegetarian according to the menu.

Colorado's The Post Has Multiple Locations

The Post Chicken & Beer has multiple locations in Colorado.

  • Lafayette
  • Denver
  • Fort Collins
  • Longmont
  • Boulder
  • Estes Park

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