Finding a good butcher shop can be difficult at times. Thankfully for us in Colorado, there are a ton of great butcher shops you can go to. Many Coloradans prefer to go to a local butcher shop rather than buy their meat from a grocery store.

Colorado and Wyoming residents are committed to championing local businesses. Additionally, buying from a butcher shop ensures you buy quality meat.

Unfortunately, I have wasted a ton of money because I bought poor-quality meat from a grocery store. That is why I, and many other Coloradans, prefer to buy directly from a butcher shop.

Is there a butcher shop in Colorado that you love? Make sure to send us a message.

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Colorado and Wyoming Shops Honored


Food and Wine compiled a list of the best butcher shops across America. We could imagine that would have been a difficult task considering there are over 130,000 butcher shops in our country.

A butcher shop in Colorado and Wyoming were both mentioned as the best in the country.

Colorado's Best Butcher Shop Is in Denver


Western Daughters Butcher Shoppe in Denver was rated the best in Colorado. West Daughters is passionate about having high-quality meat that is butchered ethically.

Their meat is 100% grass-fed as well as antibiotic and hormone-free. Western Daughters purchases all of their meat in Colorado. That means that when you shop there a local rancher benefits financially.

Kate Kavanaugh was a strict vegetarian long before opening this smart shop specializing in grass-fed and finished beef...Today, she's one of the region's most enthusiastic evangelists for ethical butchery. - David Landsel


Wyoming's Best Butcher Shop Is In Jackson


Wyoming is known for having high-quality buffalo meat. It looks like Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat Co. is the cream of the crop. This high-quality butcher shop has been in operation for over 75 years.

What sets Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat Co. apart is their philosophy. They refer to raising cattle in a healthy way as their mission.

I live in Fort Collins. I would prefer to not drive six hours to get my hands on some meat. Thankfully, Jackson Holy Buffalo Meat Co. ships nationwide.

Buffalo meat—considered a desirable, more sustainable alternative to beef—may be their calling card, but lean, mineral-rich elk meat might be the star of the show at this long-running operation. - David Landsel

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