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Todd Harding, TSM

Our good friends Bill and Elizabeth Markham and their son, Brett, raise barley for Coors Brewing Company.  It all began in Berthoud, Colorado in 1957, when Bill's father, Willard Markham, started the tradition. Bill told my wife, Jenny, and me that every kernel of their barley goes toward brewing Coors beer.

Bill has been a respected member of the community for over half a century. He is a former grand marshal for the Annual Berthoud Day Parade and the Corn Roast Festival in Loveland.  He was honored by Coors by being featured in a commercial voiced by Sam Elliot.

Bill tells us how many cans of Coors beer can be produced from one acre of his barley in this YouTube video:

My wife and I took a few pictures on our visit to M&M Farms.

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