It's that time of year where the bears in Colorado (and everywhere else for that matter) are looking to eat a lot of food to fill their bellies and fatten up for the hibernation season.

Bears will commonly consume between 20.000 and 25,000 calories a day to prepare for their winter slumber but this particular bear seems to have already found its cozy spot.

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A Colorado Parks and Wildlife officer got an interesting call from a homeowner about a bear who was freeloading and living on his property and this bear's spot of choice was under the porch.


I mean, it does look like a pretty cozy spot but unfortunately for the bear is something that just isn't going to work for anyone involved including the bear itself.

So our friends at Colorado Parks and Wildlife, being the incredibly affective problem solvers that they are had a plan, and that plan including playing a little paintball with the bear, along with tasers.

"Hazing it saved it a critical 'strike' under CPW policy,"

CPW spokesman Bill Vogrin said the "strike" would have given the bear an ear tag.

"That means, if it ever got in trouble again, it would be euthanized,"


So stay out of trouble Mr Bear, you're on your last chance.


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