Many of us use the United States Postal Service every single day. From sending mom a birthday card to getting your monthly statements for your bills in the mail, millions of letters and packages are sent all across the United States through the Post Office daily.


While some items have no problem being shipped across the country and delivered to your doorstep, some items are a no-go when it comes to shipping with the United States Post Office.

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Obviously, there are some items you probably shouldn't ship at all. Especially if those items are legal in one state and illegal in another. The United States Postal Service has a list of items that are prohibited to mail within the United States.

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There are also other items that are restricted but can be sent via the Post Office. Some of those items include aerosols, alcoholic beverages, cremated remains, dry ice, firearms, glue, paint, matches, live animals, poisons, and more. To see the full list of items that are either prohibited or restricted, visit

Source: United States Postal Service

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