I know they're wild animals and are not for humans to keep in captivity but I want a fox, a baby fox in particular and I want to snuggle it so hard because they're so cute.

However, since that isn't going to be happening anytime soon (or ever) we can all just settle on looking at cute baby fox pics and stories like this that thankfully had a happy ending.

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The Town of Greenwood Village shared a post on Twitter of a baby fox in distress as it was trapped in a home's window well and couldn't get out.

Thankfully, animal control officer from the Greenwood Village Police Department got to the residence just in time to rescue the baby fox just as two hawks were nearby waiting to swoop in.


Just a reminder that if you ever see wildlife, whether in distress or not, keep your distance and call your local animal control so they can safely attend to the animal.


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