Credit card debt is a major problem for many Coloradans. Credit card debt can stack up easily and get out of control. If you are feeling overwhelmed, here is some quick advice I was given a few years ago.

Write and calculate all of your credit card bills and order them from the most to least expensive.

Make additional payments on the credit card with the lowest balance. Once that card is entirely paid off, take the minimum payment from that card and pay off the next card with the lowest balance.

It is referred to as the snowball method. This method has saved me a lot of time and stress.

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Every city in Colorado has drastically different economic factors that may make it easier to get into debt. One city is significantly higher than the rest.

Colorado City With Most Credit Card Debt


The city of Aurora has the highest amount of credit card debt in Colorado. Aurora was ranked the 49th state with the highest credit card debt. The average Aurora resident has $14,199 in credit card debt.

If you calculated the total credit card debt amongst all Aurora residents it would be roughly $2,003,790,783 according to research by WalletHub. Additionally, the amount of debt is rising significantly.

Other Colorado Cities Mentioned


There were only two other cities mentioned in the top 100. Colorado Springs and Denver were on the list.

181 cities across the country were ranked. Aurora, Colorado Springs, and Denver were the only Colorado cities listed. The state with the most cities in the top 100 was California.

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