Technology is always evolving, but the advancement of technology can also be concerning. Are you more of an optimist?

Or are you afraid of what the future will hold?

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Whether you are for or against the fast-paced technological advances in Colorado, they are going to happen whether you like it or not.

Apple’s New Product Debuts in Colorado

Apple Vision Pro Goes On Sale
Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

Earlier this year, the Apple Vision Pro hit shelves in Colorado. We are seeing virtual reality become part of our day-to-day lives as well as augmented reality.

Augmented reality is when virtual reality is combined with actual life.

For example, wearing the Apple Vision Pro you will see apps and the environment around you.

Safety Concerns For Coloradans

Apple Unveils New Products At Its Worldwide Developers Conference
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

I am somebody who loves technology and easily adapts to it. But I am a little concerned with how comfortable we already are with augmented reality. Here’s an example. A driver was seen operating a Tesla Cybertruck while using the Apple Vision Pro at the same time.

@barstoolsports Apple Vision Pro and Cyber Truck Collab 😧 @Barstool Gametime ♬ dance the night away sped - 💗 S O U N D S 🐆

More Concerns With New Technology

Apple Unveils New Products At Its Worldwide Developers Conference
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

There have already been issues with Tesla’s autopilot feature. Tesla had to do a massive recall of all Tesla models due to drivers not paying attention while using autopilot. Now combine that with augmented reality...

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This is concerning with Apple Pro vision you have a laptop in front of your eyes at all times. Sounds like the perfect recipe for distracted driving.

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