The CMA Awards are among the highest honors in country music, and some of the artists who've never won a CMA Award are very surprising.

The Country Music Association membership consists of music industry professionals, including artists, managers, publicists, journalists, engineers, songwriters or anyone else in the business. They vote on the awards in three rounds of voting, winnowing each category down to five nominations for the third round. The results of the third round of voting are presented in the annual televised awards ceremony, which is billed as Country Music's Biggest Night.

Some of the country artists who have never won a CMA Award are truly surprising, including some legendary names that one would just assume had won multiple times. Those names include one of country's most iconic songwriters, as well as highly respected artists who have won multiple other awards but have somehow never wound up at the podium accepting a CMA. Perhaps the most surprising artist who has never won a CMA Award is one of the most beloved and respected country vocalists of all time.

It's Honestly Shocking That These Artists Have Never Won a CMA Award:

The CMAs Have a Surprising History!

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