I always wondered what this day would be like and what I would say. For once in my life I am at a bit of a loss for words but here we go. After a year or so of deliberation with my family and with Todd and Susan, I have decided it is time to say goodbye. It is never easy but it is time. Susan already beat me to the punch and has moved on to "greener pastures"...the one on her farm. She is hanging with her horses, dogs and Dr. Bob. She is smiling and shoveling manure like always. She just gets to sleep a little later now.


I will have much more to say and write on this as the next few months go by. I am not leaving right away. I want some time to see each other and say goodbye in person. I am going to go on my little George Strait-like "Cowboy Rides Away Tour" from now until the Habajeeba Show on January 25th where I will say goodbye for good from the stage that night.

I hate to leave you but it's time for me to make my world just a little smaller and enjoy my wife and family and the next chapter in life. I lost all this weight and got a new me. I have big plans for the new me and I will continue to try to inspire and make this world a better place. I am just ready, after 30 years of getting up at 2 or 3 in the morning, to sleep a little. I want to stay up past 7 pm and watch TV with my wife. I want to have a summer. We have not had one in 30 years because that is the busiest time of year in my profession. There is so much to look forward to and so much that I will miss with all my heart.

We have more time together and a lot of reminiscing to do and new memories to make. I will never take for granted what you have done for me and the relationship we have. It has been such an honor to serve this community and be invited into your life. I truly am the luckiest man alive to have been able to feel all you have allowed me to feel. I have felt what is in your hearts and that is a mind blowing feeling and honor. I will never find the proper words of gratitude for giving me a life that has gone beyond anyone's wildest dreams.

Let's have some fun the next few months. It isn't easy...but I know it's time to go. See you soon.

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