Marriage is one of the most special things you can experience in your life.

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Right? That's what I hear. I have never been married. As a child of divorced parents, I have always been extremely cautious when it comes to saying "I do".

I'm not alone. Here is what California State University of Northridge had to say about millennials and marriage.

Young adults' desire to marry has greatly dwindled over the years as factors like fear of commitment, inflation and high divorce rates have taken a toll on younger generations.

The divorce rate is the biggest reason why I am not married.

How often are Coloradans getting divorced compared to the rest of the nation?

us map divorce

CNBC pulled data from USAFacts and calculated divorce rates in every state in the nation. The highest divorce rate is in Washington D.C.

The state with the longest marriages is New Hampshire.

Colorado ranked #6 on the list of the shortest marriages. Our average marriage is 18.2 years.

Is age a factor in Colorado's divorce rate?

divorce rings

No, not really.

What I found interesting, is that Colorado's average age of marriage is significantly higher than the rest of the country.

Coloradans typically get married at 29 years old.

Experts say that the ideal age to get married is 28. So age isn't necessarily a factor.

This suggests that Coloradans are taking their time before getting married, which may help to reduce the divorce rate in the future. Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to get married is a personal one.

However, by being aware of the risks involved and taking the time to make the right decision, couples can increase their chances of having a happy and fulfilling marriage.

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