On Trollstigen Trail in the forest of Breckenridge, Colorado sits a 15-foot troll named Isak Heartstone. Danish artist/activist, Thomas Dambo, built the beloved sculpture out of wood and other locally-sourced materials. The installation was originally constructed in 2018 for the Breckenridge International Festival of Arts (BIFA), but he's since stuck around.

Locals and tourists love visiting this giant landmark, and soon, there's going to be a second similar sculpture for people to see.

Thomas Dambo is in the process of creating another Colorado troll. The artist's new piece is going to be located in Teller County, however, it has yet to be named. Parts of the sculpture will be made in Dambo's workshop in Copenhagen and then shipped to Colorado.

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According to Denver7 News, Dambo's planned Cripple Creek troll is part of a larger project called "Way of the Bird King." During this artistic endeavor, Dambo is traveling across the country, building 10 trolls and thousands of birdhouses as he goes.

Dambo will be working on the second Colorado troll from July 27 through August 4, 2023. Several local carpenters, volunteers, and about five to eight other team members will be on-site to assist in building the troll. A nonprofit charitable organization called The Gold Camp District Impact Group (gcDIG) is responsible for funding this project. Donations toward the new troll are also being accepted.

Once it's complete, Dambo will install the troll in an undisclosed location in southern Teller County.

A festival to celebrate the new troll will be held on August 4-5 in Victor, Colorado.

Pro tip: early morning and late evening are the best times to visit Isak Heartstone without the crowds. This will likely hold true for the new troll too.

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