When I go on vacation, I am expecting one of a few things. To relax, go on an adventure, or see something that will make my jaw drop. There are plenty of places in Colorado where I can do all three. However, one of the things that I do not want to do when I am on vacation as a tourist is to be bored.

Rocky Mountain National Park is always going to be an adventure no matter what time of year you go. Estes Park is full of fun shops and there is always a possibility of seeing a massive herd of elk wander right down the middle of the road. You get what I am saying. Colorado is an overall fun place to visit as a tourist.

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There are a couple of tourist attractions that can leave you feeling shall we say underwhelmed. According to solitared.com, Colorado is home to two of the most boring tourist attractions in the entire world. The analysis of 3,290 popular tourist attractions around the globe and Colorado somehow ended up with two on the list. I kind of find that hard to believe.

Colorado's most boring tourist attractions

The first boring tourist attraction on the list is located in Colorado Springs. This tourist attraction is a museum that takes you back to the days of old. The Ghost Town Museum has a rating of 4.4 stars on Google with over 2,300 reviews. The very first review states nothing about the museum being boring—just the opposite.

An amazing and exciting collection and visible storage of mid-1800 - early-1900s western artifacts. It's a visual feast of an amazing array of western memorabilia worth visiting again and again.

Said Maggie Smith-Hall in her Google review.

Meow Wolf Denver - Convergence Station

Meow Wolf is one of those places that I have always wanted to go and visit. The trippy and psychedelic decor and artwork seem like an experience everyone should see. However, solitaired.com ranks Meow Wolf Denver 73rd of the 100 most boring tourist attractions in the world. With a rating of 4.5 stars on Google and over 12,700 reviews, we find this very far-fetched that Meow Wolf makes the list of the most boring tourist attractions in the world.

This was my first time here with my family and it was such an amazing experience!

Said Lili in her review on Google of Meow Wolf.

While we cannot fully agree with what Colorado tourist attractions made the most boring list, we do understand that some tourist attractions aren't for everyone. See the full list of the most boring tourist attractions in the world at solitaired.com.

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